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Agency TolTol

We know how to turn good products into robust brands with a strong corporate identity. We supply our clients with all the essentials from a user friendly adaptive website to a comprehensive brand development program, to ensure further development of the brand.

Therefore, each of our projects starts with a detailed research - only after this completing this step we offer bold solutions for the challenges of your business.
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Projects we worked on

Brand strategy for Volunteer Organization
Brand strategy and design system for volunteer fond of Bali
Show case
K2 Wellness
Branding for a wellness center
Show case
Brand adaptation, UX/UI developing
Show case
Addwine redesign
Online sales of wine accessories - Addwine
Show case
We separated the logo from the whole design system and created our first Logofolio collection
Show case
Getman tour
Branding and website for a brand "GetmanTour" - Business Tours to China.
Show case
Brand adaptation of wine glasses manufacturer for the Russian market
Show case
Branding for wine portfolio. Positioning, logo, and label design.
Show case
Branding development for wine accessory tools
Show case
Cuevas Santoyo
Wine label redesign
Show case

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