Analytics and strategy

It is essential for us to carry out diligence analysis before we start developing digital products. Unlike brand analytics, when developing a website we pay special attention to user analysis.

We explore the market
Current situation, Trends, market trends
We explore the product / service
The business challenges that need to be solved and the current presence in Digital
We analyze users
We create user profiles, explore their requirements for the interface and habits
Analyze your competitors
Analyze direct and indirect competitors by key parameters
Result of analytics: Forming of digital strategy.
We will develop the most effective ways to implement the strategy and show the pathway on which the project will work

Website development

When developing a website, we are guided by 4 criteria that determine the style of our work

Clean interface
We pay special attention to users’ needs. Clean interface is our priority as it will enable an easy and intuitive usage.
Uniqu solutions
Each website is a unique structure with an individual design, tailored for your business processes. We don’t use templates.
Selection of development platforms
We select technologies that satisfy all the requirements no matter how complex the project is..
Readiness for growth
We make sure the website is ready for two things:
1. Increase of driven traffic to the website
2. Ability to add new features to the project and develop it.

Stages of a website development

We develop and coordinate technical tasks
Analysis - in order to more precisely outline goals, tasks and scope of the project
We create a model of user interaction with the site in the form of future screens
Interesting fact!
The search engine may penalize your website if a visitor leaves the page too soon . Therefore, it is important not only to make the design appealing to the user, but also captivative. The more time a user spends exploring the page the better.The right interfaces are responsible for user’s ability to easily navigate and as a result, to conversion. We start to work on interfaces from the prototype Development stage and finish it at the design stage.
We create a layout with attention to the smallest details. We always make sure it will perform equally well on mobile and tablets.
Development (Front End)
We transfer design layouts to the layout. Upon completion of work passes double quality check
1. First, the designer checks for similarity to the original layouts
2. The quality control specialist checks if the website is displayed correctly on browsers and mobile devices.
Development (Back End)
We select technologies that can solve all the tasks for different complexity.
Basic SEO optimization
We install the Metrics and Analytics counters, essential tools for specifying meta tags, set up redirects, robots.txt, sitemap - this will help not to get lost in the search results of the site
“Bind” the necessary services and systems
Maintaining and development of the website