Our mission is start of functional and understandable products that solve the challenges of your business, evoke the necessary emotions. The basis of all initiatives is the descriptive plane of the brand / analyst - it allows us to clearly define the goals and tactics of actions.

Method of brand development

Analytics / Strategy
The foundation for building a brand - without analytics, all subsequent work is conducted at random
Visual system
The same logo and corporate identity. We develop a unified system for visual communication with the consumer.
Trademark Registration
We will take all the trouble to get a certificate of state registration of TM
We will develop a design that will attract attention, inform the necessary message to the customer and will be quickly find out with repeated purchases.
Brandbook drafting
We systematize the management rules for your colleagues and contractors. Therefore, there will be no communication problems, unreadable fonts and various questions such as “which color to choose”
And other Digital products, which are key elements of brand communication with the consumer
Brand management and development
In details

Analytics and strategy

Preliminary analysis allows you to clearly define the goals and tactics of actions when the brand builds and develops in its subsequent stages - style and character, how it communicates with the consumer, and for this we carry out analytical work

We explore the market
Current situation, Trends, market trends
We explore your consumers
We identify the target audience: their motives, character, drivers, barriers
We explore the product / service
We collect information about your product, current business processes
Analyze competitors
Analyze direct and indirect competitors by key parameters
Result of analytics: Formation of brand positioning
Brand positioning includes clearly articulated information about the brand image - its values, character, vision of the future, consumer motivation.

Visual systems

Or, more simply, “Corporate Identity”, but we follow a systematic approach even in such a creative field. For simplicity of understanding, we have separated the logo from the system design :

First of all is a tool. Thе more convenient it is, the easier it is to further work with the brand. Therefore, when the logo is developed, we use our own check sheets to control the functionality of the logo.
System design
Not just a set of elements ( from business cards to advertising Billboard ), we develop a single design system so that it can be adapted to any new formats and media without losing identity.
Trademark verification and registration
Trademark is a copyright object and its registration will protect you from plagiarism. The first step of registration is to check for similarities to already registered trademarks and those applications that have already been filed for registration. In order to prevent registration of several similar trademarks, after filing the application, a state examination is held (takes 10-12 months). For filing, examination of the application and for registration of a trademark (in the case of a positive examination decision), payment state duty. So that your funds are not wasted, we pay great attention to checking the trademark
“How will my product stand out on the shelf and how to make the right impression on the consumer?” Are the questions that TolTol studio solves by creating effective visual solutions for your product. Create a memorable design that will highlight the product among competitors is one part of the task it is important that the design matches the positioning of the brand, the preferences of its target audience and market characteristics. We pay special attention to how the packaging will look in a living environment: its materials and ergonomics.
Brand Book
Brand Book
Brand book helps to avoid mistakes in building and developing a brand. This is a powerful tool for controlling brand quality. In the document, we collect and decompose all information about a brand, its description (mission, positioning) and visualization (fonts , colors, requirements for building brand carriers) - so that this book about your brand will be conveniently used even by a new person in the company. Creating a brand book is always the final stage of brand development, from the developed design TolTol studio specialists create a package of documents for the further management and development of the brand.